Put Your Safety First

For your company, the benefits of electrical safety training go way beyond workplace protection. When your team knows how to avoid hazards, your company can keep moving seamlessly toward its goals. Better still, arc flash safety training can help your employees avoid serious injury or even death.

Beneficial Safety Training

Our experts conduct training sessions on-site at your facility, the best place for your workforce to learn about your company’s unique arc flash hazards. Not only do we introduce OSHA, NEC, and NFPA 70E/70B regulations, but we also make sure your employees understand how they apply to your company equipment. We can provide hands-on evaluations to ensure your employees know how to apply electrical safe work practices. We’ll also show you how to reduce risk when working. Better still, we’ll go through the who, what, when, and why of any necessary personal safety equipment.

Safety Training Formatted To Fit Your Needs

For your convenience, we do live in-person training, live web-based sessions, and self-paced learning via REALTIMEais.

Customize Your Course To Save On Training Time & Confusion

Whether you want to train the qualified or non-qualified members of your team, we can customize a course that gets the job done. With a greater understanding of on-site hazards, your workforce can implement requisite safety practices and maintain a safe working environment. We can also take your company policy procedures and integrate them into our training programs.