The ultimate purpose of a gap analysis is to identify where your over-all electrical safety program may be falling short for compliance and for being effective.

The best way to improve a program is to have a third party objectively review it and identify where it may be lacking.

The following is a broad scope for an overall gap analysis for your electrical safety program:

  • A review of existing documents including but not limited to existing :
    • Electrical safety
    • LOTO policies
    • Training materials, methods, knowledge verification
    • Electrical one line diagrams and documents related to your arc flash analysis (Reports or project files, samples of Labels)
    • List of PPE items you have and who has
  • Description of job classifications, titles and jobs tasks that involve electrical
  • Who you would have in control of authorizing if and when power can be made electrically safe (communication chain of command)
  • Review listing of existing work group descriptions and any existing scope of work that can be provided to evaluate their exposure to electrical
  • Perform audit on group’s activities, and inspect PPE and other related protocol, equipment
  • Follow up meetings to:
    • Review our findings of existing program gaps that client would need to make decision on improvement options. (via phone/web conference or on site)
    • Review meeting for Policy draft presentation and discussion
  • It is often most effective (but not required), if a site inspection is a part of this process to see actual work conditions, task evaluate and also how workers are responding to existing process and policy.