Safety Organizations

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Here you can view a full listing of fire codes and other safety-related information online.


Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

Website includes compliance assistance and resources, workplace safety statistics, online publications and OSHA standards and directives.


National Safety Council

Website contains valuable information about safety in the workplace, in the home, on our highways and in our communities.


The American Society of Safety Engineers

On Oct. 11, 1911, a group of 35 safety inspectors formed the United Society of Casualty Inspectors. The group had an office in the Engineering Societies’ building in New York City. In 1914, the organization changed its name to American Society of Safety Engineers.

In 2011, 100 years after its founding, ASSE has more than 34,000 members who work across all industries around the world protecting people, improving business and safeguarding the environment. The Society relocated to Chicago in 1924, moved to Park Ridge, IL,in 1967 and has been headquartered in Des Plaines, IL, since 1985.

ASSE is guided by a 16-member Board of Directors, which consists of 8 regional vice presidents; three council vice presidents; Society president, president-elect, senior vice president, vice president of finance and executive director. ASSE has 17 practice specialties, 151 chapters, 28 sections and 58 student sections.