Electrical Preventive Maintenance Program

We can help you develop a preventive maintenance program to specifically address arc flash hazards. Our optimized preventive maintenance program evaluates the condition of your equipment, the best way to keep your PPE operating properly, and how to safely eliminate prolonged exposure to arc flash that could result in disabling injuries or death.


 Informational Note: Common industry practice is to apply test or calibration decals to equipment to indicate the test or calibration date and overall condition of equipment that has been tested and maintained in the field. These decals provide the employee immediate indication of last maintenance date and if the tested device or system was found acceptable on the date of test. This local information can assist the employee in the assessment of overall electrical equipment maintenance status.


205.4 Overcurrent Protective Devices. Overcurrent protective devices shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions or industry consensus standards. Maintenance, tests, and inspections shall be documented.