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NFPA 70E 2012

Safe Work Practices  РKey changes

130.2: Relocated and re-titled 130.1 from 2009 edition and revised to require an electrically safe work condition before employees work inside the limited approach boundary or interact with enclosed equipment that poses increased risk of injury resulting from exposure to an arc flash hazard.

130.2(B)(1): Revised to require energized work permit when work is performed within the limited approach boundary or the arc flash boundary of exposed energized conductors.

130.4(B): Revised to indicate that the standard contains separate approach boundary tables for ac and dc systems.

130.4(B) Informational Note: Revised to reflect that arc flash hazards can exist with enclosed as well as exposed conductors.

130.6(L): Revised to specify that the requirement applies only where the circuit is de-energized by automatic operation of an over current protective device and that it is not necessary to analyze the design of a circuit and associated protective devices prior to re-energizing the circuit upon determining that the over current protective device automatically opened due to an overload.