Electrical Safety Program “Gap” Audits

Your Stark Safety Consultants electrical safety program audit isn’t just an audit…we assess your on-site risks and help you stay up-to-date with regulatory standards, but we can also supply you the tools and/or the available resources you need to complete any necessary repairs or keep up with needed preventive and predictive maintenance.

Your Audit Comes with Major Benefits

Our Electrical safety program audits added benefits include:
● Knowing whether you’re current on all standards and regulations
● Having the data, you need to update your program whenever necessary
● We provide guidance to ensure you can manage your program with informed and educated decision-making skills for long-term success and functionality (not just create on paper)
● Saving the time and effort it would take to figure out how to properly perform your own risk assessment with available tools offered with our own application REALTIMEais.com.

If your company needs help in a hurry, our team of partners and affiliates can make it happen. We’re able to review and send whatever documents you need without visiting your facility if necessary. By minimizing field time, we can help you map your system as quickly as possible.

“Turn Key” Programs

Some clients would prefer that we develop entire programs that are ready to implement
with very little use of internal corporate resources.
Turn Key Programs begin with a “Gap Analysis” of the organization’s culture, a review of
existing policies/procedures, and interviews of key personnel to ascertain how best to
structure the program. All program documentation is then developed and edited by a
designated company representative. Finally, the approved program is presented to
management for their review and comment. Employee roll-out programs and training are
also available. (See Gap Analysis flyer)

“Editor” Programs

Many clients would prefer to develop a program using internal corporate resources but
have an outside expert provide “back-end editing” for compliance and completeness.
Editor programs usually include a review of company policy and procedures along with
an evaluation of the final draft of the program as presented by the company personnel. An
evaluative report is then written along with specific program recommendations.

Template Plan for Electrical Safety Program Gap Analysis

● Review all existing electrical safety program-related documents, policies, and procedures.
● Tour of the facility to review operations, tasks, and processes. (1-2 days typical per location)
● Conduct a facility electrical safety inspection and work practice observation(s).
● Inspect/Evaluate tools, PPE, LOTO accessories, and procedures.
● Interviews with key individuals, managers, supervisors, and random on-floor workers.
● Wrap-up meeting to review initial findings and any high-priority concerns.
● Create reports and provide with presentation of overall program evaluation.
● Provide resource options and budgets for completing any needed program components as requested.