What Our Arc Flash Study Means for You

You may be required to obtain an Arc Flash Study for safety reasons, but your study also comes with some surprising benefits for both you and your bottom line. Unlike our competitors, we give you the necessary tools to update your study on the fly.

We Assess Your Risks

Because an arc flash can have devastating consequences — destroying equipment, causing serious injury or even death — you need to know your risks. That’s exactly what we do when we complete an Arc Flash Study for your company. Our industry experts assess your on-site risks, helping to keep you one step ahead of potential danger.

Business as Usual

With your study in hand, you can help your business run smoothly and efficiently. Our Arc Flash Study will show you how your company can avoid equipment and environmental problems, such as faulty test equipment or corrosion, thereby helping you bolster your bottom line and avoid excessive costs.

Update as Needed

Unlike competitors, we trust you to make your own changes. Not only do we provide the results of our study, but we also provide the means to update your study as needed. If something in your system changes, simply update the numbers to produce an up-to–the-moment study!