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Our Team

Our team members are skilled, qualified, professional and DEPENDABLE.

Their experience is varied and extensive, combining classroom knowledge and years of in-the-field experience.

Please contact us if you would like more info on our key personnel.

SSC Rep Agencies:  Providing Nation Wide Support for all Stark Safety Consultants Services and Web Tools:

Weitzer Sales Ltd.

A leader in the Mid West specializing in selling and specifying products and services targeting electrical safety, wire and cable management as well as complete systems for “electrification management” solutions.


Manufactures representatives serving the Mid Atlantic region since 1984

GES Goldschmidt

Founded in 1937 by Wilfrid “Goldie” Goldschmidt in Cincinnati, OH. Since then we have opened offices in Louisville, KY., Indianapolis, IN., and Cleveland, OH. to better serve our loyal customers and our principals. During the early years, “Goldie” represented such manufacturers as Dongan Transformers, and the WW Cross Co., lines that we still represent today.


Chris Matthewson Safety Consulting, LLC

PO Box 3346
Littleton, CO  80161



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