Stark Safty Consultants

Step 5: Safety Program


NFPA 70E requires you to establish an electrical safety program. We can work with you in upgrading or developing a comprehensive electrical safety program. This program can then be coordinated with your overall site safety program.

We will also help you:
  • Establish a qualified training program.
  • Create an awareness of electrical hazards.
  • Develop employee safety procedures.
  • Identify hazard/risk evacuation procedures.
  • Instruct in the safe use of tools and PPE.
  • Teach electrical safety principles.
  • Provide an effective safety audit process.
  • Create, update, review an electrical and LOTO safety manual.
  • Plan for effective safety meetings.


NFPA 70E (2012)

110.3(E): Revised to require that the electrical safety program identify the procedures for working within the arc flash boundary as well as the limited approach boundary.

110.3(F): Revised to clearly distinguish that electrical hazard identification from risk assessment are separate, but related functions and to identify the process to be used along with mitigation strategies prior to work being started.

110.3(G)(1): Revised to require that the job briefing cover information on applicable energized electrical work permits and to include provision for additional job briefings during the course of work if changes occur that adversely affect worker safety formerly located in 110.3(G)(2).

110.3(G)(3): “Routine Work”:  Revised to require that a brief discussion occur prior to work being started and clarified that the employee is to be “qualified” for the specific task.

110.3(H): Revised to require a documented audit of the electrical safety program every three years and to require that field work be separately audited to verify that the requirements of the electrical safety program are being followed and if not, what corrective measures are to be implemented.

120.2(D): Revised by removing “Individual Qualified Employee Control Procedure” as a permitted procedure for hazardous electrical energy control.

120.2(D)(1): Revised by replacing the phrase “performing work within the Limited Approach Boundary of electrical equipment” with “safeguarding employees from exposure to electrical hazards” to be consistent with the intended outcome of establishing an electrically safe work condition.

120.2(F)(1)(a): Revised by indicating that the employer is responsible for providing an effective means for locating “all” sources of energy when up-to-date drawings are not available.

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