Stark Safty Consultants

Step 4: Personal Protective Equipment Planning



Based on our analysis, we will provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) category requirements and recommendations to make certain you are in full compliance with all OSHA standards.


This service will:

  • Assist in the selection of PPE equipment.
  • Identify when and where PPE is necessary.
  • Advise on what equipment is needed.
  • Explain how PPE should be worn, maintained and disposed of when the equipment life expires.


NFPA 70E (2015)

130.C(9)(d) Coverage.
Clothing shall cover potentially exposed areas as completely as possible.
• Shirt and coverall sleeves shall be fastened at the wrists,
• Shirts shall be tucked into pants,
• Shirts, coveralls, and jackets shall be closed at the neck.

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