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Step 2: Hazard Analysis/Coordination Study



We use state of the art software to evaluate various electrical system configurations and operating modes. We also evaluate ways to help you manage personal protective equipment to provide the necessary level of protection without excessive costs that result from over-specifications.

NFPA 70E (2012)

An arc flash hazard analysis helps determine the Arc Flash Protection Boundary and the personal protective equipment that people within the Arc Flash Protection Boundary will use. The arc flash hazard analysis should be updated when a major modification or renovation takes place.

130.5: Revised to indicate that the arc flash hazard analysis includes determining the incident energy exposure at the working distance associated with a specific task.

130.5 Exception: (130.3 Exception No.1 in 2009 edition of 70E) Deleted exception exempting systems operating at 240 volts or less supplied by a single transformer rated 125 KVA or less from an arc flash hazard analysis.

130.5 Informational Note No. 5: Added new Informational Note directing users to IEEE 1584 for information on how to determine whether an arc flash hazard analysis is needed for some three-phase systems operating at less than 240 volts.

130.5(A): Deleted specific parameters covering arc flash boundary for systems rated 50 to 600 volts and systems above 600 volts, and added general incident energy level benchmark used for determining the arc flash boundary at all voltage levels.

130.7(C)(15): Revised to clarify that where the hazard/risk category tables cannot be used, it is necessary to conduct an incident energy analysis as part of the overall arc flash hazard analysis.

130.7(C)(15) Informational Note No. 2: The collective experience of the task group is that, in most cases, closed doors do not provide enough protection to eliminate the need for PPE for instances where the state of the equipment is known to readily change (for example, doors open or closed, rack in or rack out).

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